In 1964, the Public Relations Society of America unveiled the Accredited in Public Relations (APR) credential as a way to recognize practitioners who have mastered the delivery of strategic communications. More than five decades later, the APR continues to be the gold standard of PR professionals.

When companies hire a professional with the letters APR after his or her name, they know they’re getting someone who can deliver a comprehensive communications campaign from start to finish. Those with the credential have completed a comprehensive essay-based readiness review questionnaire; they’ve sat for their readiness review, presenting their best work to a panel of their colleagues; and they’ve passed the APR exam, which is a national computer-based exam administered at testing facilities across the country.

Currently, 19 percent of PRSA Richmond’s membership has earned its Accreditation in Public Relations. The chapter would like to see that number continue to grow.

To incentivize members to sit for the exam, PRSA Richmond’s Foundation—the Richmond Public Relations Foundation—offers up to five members per year a reimbursement of $275 after they have passed the exam. PRSA National offers a similar program, which reimburses members an additional $110. Also, PRSA Richmond has instituted a scholarship program to send members to the Mid-Atlantic District’s APR Boot Camp.

There are two ways members can prepare for the APR process:

Questions about earning your APR?

Contact Accreditation Chair Renee Russell, APR, at