Student Awards

PRSA Richmond will recognize outstanding student public relations programs or campaigns at the 2019 Virginia Public Relations Awards on Thursday, May 23, 2019.

The PR work must have been completed by a student group (two or more individuals), with the bulk of the work having occurred in 2018. Any student enrolled in a two- or four-year institution of higher education in the Commonwealth of Virginia is eligible to apply.

Student Award Categories

Community Impact Award 

This award recognizes student public relations work that directly impacts a real non-profit organization. Submissions should identify the organization’s PR problem or opportunity, the strategic process and the impact upon completion.

Innovation Award 

This award recognizes imaginative and unique student public relations work that ultimately produced measurable results. Submissions might include an out-of-the-box PR tactic or a creative PR strategy that helped achieve a brand’s purpose.

How to Enter

The deadline to enter was April 1, 2019.

Entry Fee: None

Entry Requirements:

  • Up to 100 word summary of PR project
  • Up to 600 word written outline of the project RPIE (research, planning, implementation, evaluation*)
  • Up to two URL links
  • Up to two supporting documents

*In the case of the “Innovation” category, if the PR work was not actually implemented, the evaluation can address how one MIGHT measure the tactic for evaluation.

Awards: One winner per category. Students will be notified via email whether or not their submission has been selected to receive an award. All award trophies must be given to the student’s university PR department. Individual duplicate trophies will be available for purchase.

First time submitting an award entry? PRSA National has some great award submission tips that are worth reviewing before composing an entry.

Current students are invited to attend the 2019 Virginia PR Awards at a reduced student cost. Stay tuned for details.