Member Spotlight: Elia Imler

Elia Imler is a marketing and communications coordinator at Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing. She has been a member of PRSA Richmond for 10 years and currently serves as chair of the chapter’s sponsorship committee. Stephen Littlejohn’s “Theories of Human Communication” ranks among her list of top reads and go-to public relations resource. Among her many accomplishments, Imler was part of the team that received PRWeek’s  2007 Small Corporate Communications Team of the Year award.

Elia ImlerWhat do you enjoy most about being a public relations practitioner? 

The variety of what we do every day. I never have the same day twice, but writing is almost always part of the equation. I often tell students, “If you don’t love to write, this is not the career path for you.”

What three accomplishments, personal and/or professional you are most proud of?

1) My education. I’m a first generation college graduate and the only member of my family to earn a graduate degree.
2) My involvement with Henrico Humane Society. I’ve been volunteering with this organization since 2006. It’s enriched my life and made philanthropy a core part of who I am.
3) My family. I keep them at the center of my world; it’s why I decided three years ago to go part-time. I have the best of both worlds by being able to progress in my career and in my life.

How does PRSA help to support your success? 

As a member of the board since 2008, I have had opportunities to grow my leadership, fundraising and project management skills, while meeting exceptional PR pros who provide a wealth of resources at my fingertips.

What is one of your favorite take-aways from the chapter or best recent memory from your involvement? 

I really love our Student Connections Week when we match a public relations student with a public relations professional. This has always been important to me as someone who didn’t have a mentor in college to help navigate the waters. Having a trusted confidant to engage with – not only about public relations but about the workplace, life, and beyond – is invaluable.

I am a PRSA Richmond member because…..I learn, give back, and help prepare the next generation of practitioners.

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